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My mission, as wordslinger, is provision of excellent, timely, and custom editorial and writing services to clients who:

  • want their communications and/or written products to reflect the care they bring to their work
  • want to develop or maintain their organizational voice — or find one
  • seek to improve the world

I work with language because it is both wondrous and pivotal to understanding and navigating our complex world(s). But as each of us knows, the world really turns, at the “street level” of human functioning, on relationships. Perhaps because of my years in human services, or my DNA, or my fourth-grade teacher, I believe in the power and productivity of good relationships, including collaborative working relationships. I bring to them respect, authenticity, good listening, curiosity, and a sense of humor. (This last is subject to some fluctuation, depending on whether or not I’ve had the day’s first cup of strong black tea.)