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Working with Debra is a joy. She is not only unerringly professional and committed to excellence, but also, particularly thoughtful about, and sensitive to, organizational style and intent.

Dorothy Suput, Founder and Executive Director
    The Carrot Project

We work in an area that might be described as “emerging.” It has limited precedent in language and, by its nature, is hard to describe. Yet Debra has been most adept at shaping our basic precepts and writings into clear and understandable English. Her provision of options (e.g., “This would be better, but you can also use that.”) really allows us lots of control of the final piece and of our voice. It’s enormously satisfying to read an edited piece that still feels as if it’s your own, but reads the way you’d like to have written it from the start!

Robin Charbit, President
    Insight Management Partners

Debra . . . was brilliant at distilling complex thoughts into simple prose.

Joseph H. Bragdon, Author
Profit For Life: How Capitalism Excels

My success as a graphic artist and communications consultant often depends on a network of professionals who supply to my clients what I cannot. When I need to hire an editor or writer to fill out a work team, Debra is always my first choice. Her ability to understand an organization's mission and to adjust language and tone to meet the specific needs of the client is outstanding. It can be hard for people to trust a “stranger” to capture their organizational story. Without exception, my clients have been delighted with Debra’s work. One client recently told me, “I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to say until Debra wrote it.”

David Gerratt, Principal
    DG Communications