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I love writing all kinds of things (see sidebar). When ideas and information need to sally forth, I’m delighted to ready them for the world, or your corner of it, with precision and grace. In collaboration with you, I can help shape identity, develop voice, write to your audience, articulate embryonic or emerging concepts, freshen up the expression of fundamentals, do straightforward reportage, and/or translate complex materials for public consumption.

Accessible Rewrites: From the depths of your expertise, it can sometimes be challenging to make your meaning clear to the rest of the human race. If what you’ve written can be understood readily by fewer than 50 people worldwide, an accessible rewrite might be in your future! I can take complex information and concepts and translate them, with accuracy and savvy, for lay or nonprofessional audiences.

My Not-So-Secret Secret: I’m a bit of an information junkie and enjoy researching nearly anything (well, perhaps not the digestive function of scavengers). A niche service I offer is doing basic research to create topical content for publication.